Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Guru and the Student Loan

Oh yes, freshers week is over, it is time to knuckle down and get back to lectures. And to remind yourself that you are now in debt to the tune of...a shedload of cash!

Click to watch!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Good News Everyone!

Alongside Irfan and CWP, I have been busy with other projects. One that has slipped under the 'professional radar' is 'Routine', a 30 second short film shot in one afternoon.

Sippy (who stars in 'Routine' as well as 'Irfan') came up with the idea and it was suc a brilliant concept that I could not resist. And nor can the good people of East London, as this 30 second short is to screen at the Walthamstow Film Festival in September! I will get the dates to you as soon as I get it but here are a list of venues...

And if you are out and about tonight, I should (technology willing) be on the Deep Fried Film Festival Website giving an interview at 7.30pm UK time (18:30 GMT).

Friday, August 19, 2011

At the Deep Fried Film Festival

Video streaming by Ustream

It was well worth heading up to Glasgow to watch the Deep Fried Film Festival which was held in Coatbridge. Now in its 6th year, this suburb of Glasgow was the first place in the UK that got to see CWP - Jay and Kay Save the World on the bigger screen!

(Bunny Rabbits in Coatbridge!)

And as it was my first visit to Glasgow, I thoroughly enjoyed the city. A fantastic place to be and I would take any excuse to head there again...

Now on Sunday, it is off to Poland for Quest Europe! A bit of deja vu, especially when compared to last year...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Polish TV!

As part of the promotion of Quest Europe and its screening there, Jay and Kay Save the World! the whole movie was screened last night on Polish TV! Rah! You can check out RTV Lubuska here.

Yes, I will be in Zielona Gora in a couple of weeks for Quest Europe, and next week is the excitement of our UK premiere in Scotland, which I will also be attending!

More news is coming soon...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Production Meeting

Always, before submitting anything to an organisation or company, a good brain storming is needed.

I would love to say that this would take place in a funky diner with burgers, fries and a shake while the kids play double dutch and dance around the juke box. Of course, the reality is far more prosaic. Cups of tea, lots of paper and spider diagrams.

I am a huge fan of spider diagrams. While most people jerk off on charts, I see things through loops. I don't know how or why, it is just how my brain works. I blame being left handed for the fact that I see things this way, more in spaces, morerandom than through flowing charts and mediums which make me switch off. It is also a lot less logical to think this way, bu in the end, everything fits together

Spreadsheets - pah...and now, time to do my spreadsheets!

Caution Wet paint - The Kinkiness restarts!

As Jay and Kay Save the World has come to the end of its festival run, it is now time to focus on the next stage of CWP's development. I will be keeping you informed on what I do.

First the process that started development last year of a complimentary TV series to prequel 'The Movie'; to lodge themselves in between the webisodes and the movie with regards to the cannon is well underway.

I will also (finally) put Jay and Kay Save the World online in the next two weeks. This is part of the strategy of developing the TV series. Save the World is the most professional looking (and funniest) of the CWP series so far. Despite the fact it was done with a budget of ZERO\1 Note that, nothing!

Okay, maybe I am blowing my own trumpet, but I am incredibly proud of Save the World. It has gone international to film festivals abroad, which has been great for me as a director to see how audiences outside the UK react to CWP. Abd it is time for the rest of the world to freely see Save the World. Give me a couple of weeks. A redesign of the website is also happening.

However if you are either in Glasgow or Zielona Gora then you can join me at either to see CWP on the bigger screen...